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Remo Recover Software lets you recover over 360 file formats after unintentional deletion, formatting, reformatting, partitioning, repartitioning and any other possible data loss scenarios.

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Nowadays, normal as well as professional users store their valuable files including Word files, Spreadsheets (Excel files), Zip files, picture files, video clips, music files and other data files on various storage devices like system internal and external hard drive, flash drive, memory cards, iPods, FireWire drives and more. Usually, users prefer to store all personal and professional data files on system hard drive as it comes with huge storage capacity as well as data safety.


But the fact is even files stored on system hard drive are not safe similar to other storage devices!! Yes, because there are number of reasons that results in loss or deletion of files from your storage drive. For instance, consider a scenario that you need to carry some essential files to your work place. So in order to carry the files, you connected your flash drive to the system and started transferring files to it. But during the file transfer process, you abruptly ejected the flash drive thinking that file transfer process is over. However, when you again connected the flash drive, you came to know that the file transfer process was interrupted. Therefore, in order to complete the interrupted task, when you were finding the same files, you were shocked to the end!!! The files which were under transfer process were missing from both system hard drive and flash drive. In this type of situation, obviously anyone can get worried if the files are priceless and start questioning "How can I recover files?", "Is it is possible to restore files from my storage drive?", "Which is a best tool to retrieve files from hard drive?" etc.


These kinds of queries are very common among number of users, but you don't have to get panic!! Because, it is possible to recover lost or deleted files from both your system hard drive and flash drive by using a highly advanced and most reliable recovery application named as File Recovery Software. This recovery application is a perfect solution using which, you will easily get to know how to recover files from various storage devices including system internal hard drive, flash drive, SD cards, memory sticks, iPods, FireWire Drives, etc. This recovery application also has strong built-in scanning programs that enables you to find and recover deleted or lost files within few clicks of mouse. But before knowing how to recover files in detail, know:


How files may get deleted or lost from a storage device?

  • Accidental Deletion: It is a most common mistake done by most of the users. That is, while deleting unessential files from different storage devices on system, user may accidentally select few important files and perform delete operation either by using simple "Delete" or "Shift + Delete" keys ending up with valuable file deletion.

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  • Corrupted Storage Device: Your system hard drive as well as other storage devices might get damaged or corrupted and become inaccessible due to various reasons. As a result of this, you won't be able to extract/fetch any of the files stored on it which leads to huge loss of your important files from it.

  • File System Corruption: Every storage device has file system, which is used to organize and maintain data stored over it. But sometimes, file system of your storage device may get corrupted and makes the storage device unreadable by popping up weird error messages. Therefore, corrupt file system may leads to large amount of data loss from the respective storage device.

  • External Threats: The external threats like malicious virus programs, malwares, Trojan, Worms etc. may get into your storage device and starts affecting the files stored on it. If the files get severely infected/affected by these threats, then there are chances that you may lose some of your important files from the virus infected storage device.

  • Unintentional/Intentional Format: Due to format errors, you may intentionally format your storage device which leads to entire data deletion from it. Even sometimes, you may unintentionally format your storage device and at that time if you are not having backup then, you may lose your complete data stored on that particular storage device.

  • Other Factors: The other reasons/factors that lead to file loss or deletion from your storage device are bad sectors, improper defragmentation, loss/deletion of partition, use of unreliable third party tools, OS crash, power surge, partition table corruption, damaged MBR etc.

These are the common scenarios due to which you may lose all your files from your storage device. Therefore, in order to overcome from these situations, you can make use of File Recovery Software as it is an efficient tool designed especially to recover files that are lost or deleted from various brands of different storage devices.

Go through some noteworthy features of File Recovery Software for both Windows and Mac:

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REMO Recover (Windows)


  • Recover lost / deleted files of 360 different formats
  • Restore files from RAW drives and RAID partitions.
  • Recover files from media storage devices like iPods, camcorders & DSLRs
  • Provides separate options for recovering files based on file loss or deletion scenarios
  • Recover files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 formatted partitions
  • Recover files from inaccessible or non-booting hard drives by connecting them to a healthy system as a secondary storage device
  • Recover files from different types of hard drives like SATA/IDE/USB/SCSI/FireWire hard drives
  • Restore files from CF, SD, XD, MMC and other flash memory cards.
  • Recover files on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 & Windows 2008 Servers
  • Full recovery starts at $39.97
  • Supports 32-bit, 64-bit Windows
  • File size: 424KB, Download time: <1min (Cable/DSL)


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REMO Recover Mac Media Edition Screenshot
REMO Recover (Mac)


  • Recover lost / deleted files including all the popular media file types
  • Recover files from accidentally formatted or corrupted memory cards and other storage devices
  • Recover files from various popular storage devices like digital camera, iPod, camcorders, external hard drives etc.
  • Recover files from HFSX, HFS+ formatted Mac volumes
  • Restore files from SATA/IDE/USB/SCSI/FireWire hard drives
  • SD, XD, MMC, CF cards are the different types of memory cards supported by this software
  • Recover files on Mac OS X 10.4.X and above (Including Mac Mavericks)
  • Recover files on Apple PowerPC and Intel machines
  • Full recovery starts at $59.97
  • Supports 32-bit, 64-bit Mac
  • File size: 19.8 MB (Mac Leopard & Snow Leopard) and 19.1 MB (Mac Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks). Download time: <1min (Cable/DSL)


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Useful Tips

  • Avoid abrupt ejection of external storage device during the file transfer process.
  • Make use of an updated anti-virus tool to scan your entire device at regular time interval in order to keep your device safe from deadly viruses.
  • Before proceeding with drive re-formatting or formatting, have a proper knowledge about it as well as take a backup of your valuable files.